How AI Search Works

Otopy simulates the brain's learning process by mirroring how students learn. It starts with providing reference materials in a familiar language, just like a student. The learner then reads the material, asks questions to a professor for clarification, and continues until they grasp the new material.

Otopy enhances search queries by expanding keywords into relevant concepts using sophisticated algorithms. It analyzes and compresses data contextually to eliminate irrelevant information, leading to fast and accurate searches.

Unlike other search engines, Otopy focuses on concepts and related concepts, mimicking human learning processes. It is language-agnostic and continuously improves through self-learning algorithms. Otopy's unique characteristics make it a disruptive technology in the search industry.

Multiple Corpora and Cross-Relating Concepts
Otopy's search tech organizes knowledge into vector spaces, enabling cross-language searches. Concepts found in one language can be located in another without word-by-word translations. Otopy tackles expanding n-grams and filtering, creating a human-like digital brain.

How AI Advertising Works

Otopy's Ad Engine utilizes concept-based targeting, offering more descriptive ads compared to keyword-based ad engines.It provides a targeted ad-serving mechanism based on conceptual understanding of user activities, surpassing keyword matching.Ads sold by concepts simplify the purchasing process for advertisers and enhance user comprehension, benefiting both parties.Otopy monetizes the long tail of search through its concept-based approach.The ad serving can be done on mobile devices, avoiding delays with Otopy's proprietary ad server resident within the device.