Adding Inteligence To Search

Today's digital universe (the internet, your personal data, corporate data and government data) is a wild, wonderful place teeming with information about more stuff than you knew existed. The problem is finding that one specific thing you're looking for when you need it. Search engines can be helpful, but only if you know exactly what keyword or combination of keywords to use. If you're like most people, you try a couple of words that come to mind and hope you get lucky. Wouldn't it be nice if you had some super-smart assistant who could supply you with not just keywords, but terms and concepts relevant to your search - and then go out and retrieve results on all of them automatically without you having to do anything? That's exactly what Otopy does. We call this adding intelligence to search. Our breakthrough technology seamlessly converts your typical keyword into multiple relevant terms and presents you with results on all of them simultaneously. The results are delivered in an easy-to-navigate user interface that guides you to the precise information you seek.

The Otopy engine is the beginning of computers learning and acting independently.Otopy's technology was designed from the ground up to handle very large, structured and unstructured data sets. Otopy offers the best solution for searching in cloud environments due to Otopy's unique capability of real time indexing and reduction of index size of between 2 and 12 orders of magnitude.Otopy's technology is also used "in reverse" to power an ad placement engine, automatically finding the most appropriate sites on which to deliver ads that directly complement the site's content. Research (our own and others') has shown that the more relevant an ad is to the content of the page on which it sits, the higher likelihood of click-through and the higher quality of leads generated.Otopy was founded by two Silicon Valley veterans, Gene Feroglia and Dan Kikinis, who were often frustrated with search engine results. They came up with a better way to search and advertise; leveraging semantics, contextualization and whole lot of AI algorithms to mimic the way the brain learns. Their solution works with all data in today's digital universe.

Otopy's technology is a breakthrough in machine learning, artificial intelligence and contextual understanding that combined mimics the way the brain works. Like the brain the Otopy engine gets smarter over time based on what it learns. Like human thought, the Otopy engine has the only search technology that is capable of inferring results outside the given data; one could say that it can think and anticipate. Otopy's technology uses proprietary, graph-based machine learning with a Markov Chain type approach.